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My experiences as a Northern transplant down in Chapel Hill, NC, 2005. And now my experiences back up in NYC.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

End of Week One

So I'm writing this post a number of days after the wrap up of week one, but that is because I was so busy that week, I didn't have time to write to my dear 'ol journal.

Week One was crazy, it was hectic, it was confusing, it was fun. I spent 8 hours a day in meetings, conference calls, and web casts. I had a 1000 emails to go though by the end of the week. I got to know my group pretty well.

On Tuesday Martin took me to a Red Hat discussion he thought the CEO was talking at, turned out to be a college recruiting pitch. I got free pizza out of it at least. At Red Hat they give out free drinks to their employees and they have special "Red Hat" water bottles that say "Free is in water" - How Clever.

On Wednesday, Lori took us to the Rational Users Group (RUG) about as much fun as the word RUG. From there I headed to a NextStep event, Cosmic Bowling. It was a fun time, I met some other IBMers from the software group.

On Thursday I went to Staples and Walmart and bought a whole bunch of office supplies that I didn't need because there is a cabinet of that shet for us. I did make an awesome purchase of a 1000 piece Lego set. Haven't gotten around to playing with it yet. I also bought a few things from the "elementary school" isle, including static sticking fish and ABC's to put around the top of cubicle walls (or tops of chalkboards in school.)

On Friday I had a good night. Headed down to Franklin street for the first time since moving down. Met up with the other EBers and spent the night at one underground bar because they didn't car and we had a minor. The key point of the night was Waffle House. This was my first visit ever, and boy was it ghetto. IHOP has nothing on this place, except service, food, and size. Top 5 places to go after drinking/smoking all night:
1. White Castle
2. IHOP in Kenmore Sq. (closed down, thank you BU)
3. Carl's Steak House on 3rd Ave. (or 33rd Pizza)
4. Waffle House
5. Dunkin Doughnuts on Main St in Port Washington

Saturday I met up with Josh B and his drunken crowd. We took Rane out with us and celebrated both Josh B's bday and a friend's 21st (who had NEVER dranken before.) We went to Top of the Hill and proceeded to get drunk. I bought a round of Car Bombs for all, they were greatly appreciated and quickly devoured. I think that will be my shot of choice down here in Chapel Hill.

Sunday was spent sitting in front of the TV trying to work on researching Social Networking, but that didn't happen. I pissed most of the day away procrastinating. I did get my bills all in order though.

Then is was back to EB.


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