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My experiences as a Northern transplant down in Chapel Hill, NC, 2005. And now my experiences back up in NYC.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Second Week

So I'm about to wrap up the 2nd week of Extreme Blue, that's 1/9th of the Program, that's like 1 pizza slice, mmmm. pizza.

So the meetings have faded down a bit, I think I'm slacking a little on the biz side and need to get the ball rolling. I'm becoming the kid to beat at foozball around the office. I think I like that, but soon, they will get to know my moves and they will beat me.

So Josh J. Got engaged last night, he told me over email. Maybe I should propose over email one day.

I'm sitting in my room (Alan's room) typing away, but I want to fall asleep. Yesterday was Patrick's bday and we all went out to Maggiano's at Southpoint, including Patrick's rents. It was an amazing meal, I still feel full from the gross amounts of food that I shoveled down my throat.


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