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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Get me a free iPod and you get a free drink

I know everybody knows about freeiPods.com but now I know of somebody who actually got an iPod. I just signed up for a blockbuster registration with a friend then canceled the next day. The blockbuster offer still clicked for him though.

So I need 5 of you to sign up for blockbuster, then cancel it after getting confirmation (1-2days, I'll even remind you.) You have 14 days to cancel for a full refund if you don't use the offer. It's only $10 on your credit card. I'll even indemnify you for that $10. If you sign up, I'll buy you a free drink of your choice (two if I have to), nothing along the lines of Johnny Blue Label though.

So click below, then click "no" a bunch of times on the survey information, then sign up for the blockbuster account.



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