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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kiss me, I'm Irish

24 hours after our St. Patty's day celebration I can finally get some coherent thoughts together. My contribution to society today was slim to say the most.

I picked up the 1/4 keg of Bud at "Total Wine." They should call this place "Totally Awesome ABC Store." They actually have a walk in keg area. You walk through a doorway draped with plastic and enter what some would call a little slice of Heaven. There are kegs in all sizes, shapes, and flavors. So many to choose from but not enough to distract me from the cheapest choice, $43.99 Bud. Headed to Kroger's for some green food coloring, corned beef, and cabbage. (I also bought a mylar Sponge Bob balloon but I popped him pulling it out of the trunk, bummer.)

Started off the holiday with a round of Car Bombs. I'm not even gonna attempt to try to remember all the details of what happened, but I do believe a mule showed up to the party at one point. These are things that I remember, have been told, or should be noted about last night:
  • I played a few rounds of Beirut with Jeff and we kicked ass at first until we got too drunk
    • At one point I actually sunk while talking on my cell phone, that felt pretty cool.
  • I made ~7lbs of corned beef.
  • I drank a lot of alcohol
  • We kicked the 1/4 keg, I helped with a 20 sec keg stand
  • You only need a 'drop' of green dye in a beer
  • Trying to dye Guinness green will only turn your teeth a horribly bright shade of green
  • Having basketball playing on multiple laptops is damn cool
  • I appear to have confused a placemat for a napkin, sorry Rane
  • Most movie theaters have less stickier floors then our kitchen
  • I woke up with my shoes on and tied
    • My hat was on the pillow too
  • I had a moustache drawn on my face, but I grew to like it, it made me look older (picture to come soon)
  • Ms. Kentucky drove her jeep into a ditch leaving the house. She gets the Ms. Rockstar award for the night. Triple A had to come and tow her out. From what I hear, Patrick and Drew had a grand 'ol time watching this from our porch. i'm so sorry to have missed this site. One of her rear tires was just spinning in mid-air. (again, picture to come soon)
So that was St. Patty's Day 2005 at 231 Erwin Rd. I think everybody had a great time, we had a good turnout, maybe around 20-30 ppl?

However, @ Extreme Blue this morning, the Exp Web Dev team had a 9am meeting. Thankfully Brandon was coherent enough to host it, I just sat back and smiled.


  • At 3/31/2005 9:59 AM, Blogger Matt said…

    Vince pointed me to your blog - so hi!

    I'm doing EB this summer, working on some webapps type stuff - I'm kind of surprised by the whole showing up at 7:45 the first day.

    What's the whole corporate environment like? Do I have to wear a suit once in a while? (Having worked at a relaxed dot com in Silicon Valley, the whole bigger corporate environment is pretty foreign to me)



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