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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sir, you can't use that laptop here

So a really funny thing just happened to me. I am at Cafe Cyclo in Raleigh, just finished up the Raleigh/Cary Bloggers Meetup.

So after the meetup I step up to the bar to grab some food. I break out my laptop while waiting and the bartender comes over to me and says I can't use it there. I thought that was really funny. He said because of insurance reasons, which is a reasonable point, it is a bar, beer gets spilt, you don't want people using their laptops on it. Sorta dumb on my part, but quite funny that I was politely asked not to 'use my laptop here.'

This was my first meetup, I've accidentally stumbled into a Howard Dean one a while back and I've tried to set up FSF meetups in nyc, but nobody opted in.

Other bloggers at the meetup:


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