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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Comedy Worx

HaHa, what a funny name, not. Today was a bust, woke up around 1. Went out to lunch with Rane and her friends, they were pretty cool, some PhD students at Duke. We got to sit outside, it was sunny.

IBM hosted a "get-together" tonight. We went to a G rated improv comedy show, about as much fun as a G rated porno. Afterwards we hit up the Mellow Mushroom for some pizza.

Us 'guys' broke off and headed to a sports bar in Raleigh. I couldn't drink much because I had to drive. I still don't get this whole living in the suburbs thing. If people are going to complain about the problems of drunk driving then they need to come up with a solution. Designated Drivers are NOT the answer. I want self driving cars or some service that will drive around a town picking up all the drunks (what a car ride that would be.)

The night fizzled out promptly at 9:30pm. Nobody felt like getting wasted, and I couldn't. So I drove home and wasted a Saturday night playing with Friendster. There needs to be a better way to import my friends, such as an import of my IM buddylist (I thought they had that, but I couldn't find it.)


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