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Friday, May 20, 2005

"When good technology goes bad" - Treo 650

Thanks for the quote Todd.

I've been spending the past 2 hours trying to fix my Treo 650 phone which was in an infinite loop. What is an infinite loop you ask? It's when you Treo keeps reseting itself only to turn back on and reset itself.

The rest of this post will not be interesting to 100% of you. I'm posting it for two reasons. One, maybe somebody else that is having the same problem will find this post through google, and two, if it happens to me again, I can at least repeat my problem solving process..

I think what triggered this is the AOL IM (UK) program that I talked about so highly. I followed these steps to diagnose my Treo.

  1. Took the battery out, put it back in, NOTHING
  2. Left the battery out overnight, tried it in the morning, NOTHING
  3. Did a soft reset by holding the UP key while pressing reset until the 2nd Palm screen (grey) pops up. Then your phone will be on with limited functionality. It was at this point that I should have deleted any apps that were last running, in this case, AIM and Blazer. Obviouslly AIM would be the choice to delete of these two.
  4. Since it still wasn't working, I decided to do a HARD RESET. Hold the Power button while pressing the reset key. Again, don't release until Grey screen pops up. Then press the UP key to confrim. Then HOTSYNC to restore.
    1. This then caused more problems as when the HOTSYNC was done and the unit reset, pressing the HOME button would crash the Treo. So I was back to Square 1.
  5. So I did another HARD RESET, but now I needed to figure out how to stop AIM from syncing between my computer and the Treo on the next restore. I found that all the Palm program files (.prc's) are storedunder " c:\program files\palmone\SWITCH\Backup" Where switch refers to my Treo 650 name. Yes I am a geek and I took that name from the Matrix.
  6. I removed a bunch of APPS to make it easier. When I resynced, everything was A-OK. However, a few apps I removed, such as PDAnet, I need to now reinstall that program as merely copying back into the Backup folder does me no good.


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