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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Urban Hiking - My Apt to Union Square to JFK

I'm taking an urban hike, from my apartment to Union Swaqure to JFK airport (~10miles)

Ohh, and I'm webcamming it in real time, check it out on vinnie.net

Approximate route via GoogleMaps.

UPDATE 14:30
This never happened. Because TinCam software sucks. I had everything working ready to leave the house at noon. I decided to test the feed, and it wasn't working. I spent the next 2 hours troubleshooting TinCam's FTP feature because it was bugging out on me. I couldn't just walk away (why?), I had to try and fix it.

So it's too late now, the caravan left, now I'm gonna go do something regretful, work at the office.


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