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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Andrea Gail

Maybe that title is a little too strong for this post but I went fishing with my bro and niece last weekend. It was cold, but the waves weren't so bad, we made it back to shore.

Our captain was my niece:
PA300025 (2)

We geared her up with a 3 point harness that my brother put together. We actually had to snag some parts from the child harness of a shopping cart of a local Stop and Shop.

Here she is reeling in her very first blackfish, all by herself, no help from us.
PA290021 (2)

This is her catch. (Note, you can see a crab at the top of the photo. This is the bait that survived. Two crabs were placed on the line, the other is in the blackfish's belly.)

Some other obligatory pics:

PA300029 (2)

PA300027 (2)

Now laugh.


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