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My experiences as a Northern transplant down in Chapel Hill, NC, 2005. And now my experiences back up in NYC.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Superbowl and then some


So lets run down Superbowl Sunday. I do the I'm half awake thing all morning and decide to grab a bowl of cereal at 1pm. Well, it's a gorgeous day out, 63', so I think it would be fun to eat my bowl on the side porch. MMMM, a nice bowl of grapenuts, how filling. I get up to return back inside to find that I have locked myself out of the house and no roommates are in sight. Gail (Patrick's dog) is happy to see me but wonders herself how to get though the glass door. Repeated attempts of me yelling the command "GAIL, OPEN THE DOOR" yield little to no results. It doesn't help that the dog stands about 2' tall on hind legs.

So I decide to enjoy this lovely day and take a walk in the sun. But wait, I'm barefoot and I don't even have a wallet. I remembered that I threw some sneaks in the back of my car in case I got wicked drunk one night and had to high tail it home from Chapel Hill. Luckily we live in a safe neighborhood and I leave my car unlocked. So now I have some kicks and I'm ready to go. I make a pit stop a few hundred feet from my house to lay on the grass and call some folks, including my dad, it's his birthday on the 6th. After wrapping up the phone calls, I continue on my journey, but where to? Borders and Lowes. After walking another few hundred feet, my ankles are burning. I look back to see one of them bleeding. Those crappy shoes were cutting into the back of my foot with no socks. I was left with 2 choices, continue to rip my ankle skin off in a most uncomfortable manor, or high tail it barefoot. Well, I made the rest of the treck (a whole 1/2 mile) barefoot. It felt kinda good on such a warm day.

After taking a stroll around the parking lot (I didn't feel like putting my shoes back on to go into Borders) Patrick called me laughing (thanks to the note I left) and I returned home. - That was my day out in the sun and my first real treck in Chapel Hill.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting forgotten goods for the party. I even make a trip to staples to "rent" a multimedia projector. Ohh was that an awesome decision. We set up the projector to project onto the wall, it was amazing. We had a 10' screen, un-freakin-believable. Totally awesome. Superbowl night was great, a good mix of IBMers and Duke'rs. Everybody bought lots of food and lots of beer. There beer should last for a bit. Patrick made wings and an awesome taco dip. Brandon grilled skewers (although he had another name for them.) and they were awesome. It was chicken, onions, and jalapenos - wrapped in bacon, I should say, wrapped in heaven.


So spent the day dragging around work, not too hungover thankfully. Spent the night cleaning up the apartment. Then for some reason I decided to play with Friendster and I didn't stop until about 12:30am. Now it's 1:30am and I still need to write a letter to Kristine. I should get on that, ight, I'm out.


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