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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Creative Commons

Why is there a Creative Commons license on the side of the page? Well I just finished listening to two IT Conversation Podcasts about blogging, copyright, and the internet archive. I highly recommend listening to both of them.

If you haven't heard the term 'podcasting' it refers to listening to audio feeds (usually news, conferences, or interviews) on your iPod or mp3 device. (My device of choice being the Treo 650.) Some may call it time shifting, I call it a good way to utilize my drive into work.

The two conversations I just wrapped up were:
  1. Larry Lessig @ Bloggercon III
  2. Brewster Kahle discussing his Internet Archive project [archive.org]
So what does my Creative Commons (CC) license say? Well it says that you are free to copy, modify, and distribute any of my blogs. I'm even giving you the permission to use them for commercial use (just give me a shoutout.)

A lot of you think I'm a fanatic about copyright issues. Maybe you're right. I'm not saying that everything should be FREE, but current law is flawed. The laws were not build with the ability to so easily share information. It's difficult to spread information that an author doesn't want to hold exclusive rights to. So go on - rip, mix, burn.


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