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Friday, April 08, 2005

EB Expo

So what happens when you put a team of bright kids together and have them innovate for 3 weeks? You get the Extreme Blue Expo. We spent Friday presenting to IBM employees. We had two presentations, I spoke in the morning, Taylor and I split our 4 minute pitch. I was pretty nervous before hand as I'm not the greatest speaker and I get nervous in front of audiences. It went pretty well though. I didn't choke, but I did skip over a few items I wanted to touch on. Once I was up there, I didn't feel too nervous, the fact that we practiced our pitch twice a week for 3 months helped. I wanted to speak so that I could get some public speaking experience, I think it is an important quality to have. We had 'virtual' Martin run through the demo for us (his voice was pre-recorded.)

I must mention that I received a speeding violation on my way in, in the morning. We were planning to meet at Waffle Haus at 6:45am. I woke up at 5:14am from my body's internal alarm. I remember thinking, damn, my internal clock is good. But I hadn't planned to wake up until 5:32am (I never use round numbers when setting alarms for some reason.) I went back to sleep expecting to be woken up 18min later by my alarm, but I managed to sleep though it. Martin called me at 6:30 and I rushed to meet them out there. In my rush off 100+ mph I passed an undercover cop. He decided to pull me over. He was nice about it though, after telling him I was only here for another few weeks, he gave me a ticket of 80mph in a 65(anything over 80 would have required a mandatory court experience.) I was so apologetic for some reason, it was pretty pathetic.

For some reason, some guy that came over to our table to ask me a few questions brought me to the side and said "Don't be offended by what I'm about to say" to which point I had a lot of thoughts run though my mind, including, is this guy about to hit on me. He then continued to talk about a mole on my neck and said I should get it checked out for Melanoma - "not by any doctor though, make sure it's a dermatologist". WTF? I wasn't offended, it was just incredibly awkward. I think it's really funny and hope somebody might get a kick out of the vision of this conversation. I thanked him and walked away.

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  • At 4/17/2005 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would call appologizing to a police officer who could send your ass to court "smart" and not "pathetic. Nice work.



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