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My experiences as a Northern transplant down in Chapel Hill, NC, 2005. And now my experiences back up in NYC.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Light 'em up boys

Celebrated UNC winning the NCAA championships. It was crazy, you can view all the madness on flickr. This is how the night went down (from what I remember):

Arrived at Shaw's during the 2nd half of the game. Watched a bunch of UNC fans show all of their emotions, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, happy, very happy. Complete pandemonium in the streets. Horns honking, people screaming, everybody rushing the streets.

Our walk up to Franklin was nuts. People were carrying/dragging anything flammable they could find. We saw a kid dragging the bottom of a box crate (4'x4') The crowd got denser as we approached Franklin. Everyone in the area was on the street, everyone. We even saw an 85 year old couple walking (slowly) hand in hand.

The mob on Franklin was insane. There were two bonfires going on Franklin alone (who knows how many in people's backyards.) I'll call the Franklin Fires Camp 1 and Camp 2. Camp 1 appeared to be located in front of Top O' the Hill. Somebody was lighting off fireworks at Camp 1, our troops couldn't make it. We set up base at Camp 2. Camp 2 was about 50 yrds east of Camp 1 but there must have been 4,000 people between the two camps. I heard a number of around 20,000 people in total on Franklin. Sport shops had their doors open and were selling tshirts and hats like crazy. Josh B. got in a few jumps over the fire (camp 2 was smaller then the 8' camp 1 fire.) We could here helicopters above us and cops lined the streets. It was policed anarchy.

We lost a few men and our troop was down to 3 individuals - Philip, Bria, and myself. We headed down to Lucy's and tried to give Josh a ring, but you couldn't get any service with 20,000 cell phones spread across 1 sq. mile. However, we were able to text Josh and made our way to The Coffee Shop. I believe we may have drank more shots then I have fingers and toes to count.

At some point, I thought it would be a good idea to let Josh's fiance, Kelly, know how much fun we were having. Here's what Josh had to say about it.

Kelly was sleeping since she had to be at work at 5am, and mr. lauria thought it would be funny to send her 2 messages from MY phone at 2am: "I'm really horny!" and the 2nd one 5 mins later: "I'm hooking up with whores right now!" Well needless to say she woke up from the messages, and then couldn't go back to sleep and had an awful awful day at work from being so tired. Needless to say she would like to have words with Vinnie, and she wasn't very happy with me.. Only 2 days later can I look back and laugh. even better, vinnie took pics using my camera of random girls at the bar. Luckily, i could erase those.

Sometime later that night we headed over to my favorite food joint down here, Hector's. After waiting in line for 45min on the stairwell and barely into the 2nd floor doorway, we decided to hit up a less delicious place where would actually have a chance of getting food. I can't quite recall where or what that place was, but I know we did get food.

That was the night the UNC won the NCAA championships. I'm not a sports fan, but I like drinking, parties, and mobs of people lighting stuff on fire. I'm glad I got to be a part of it.


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