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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Y! Music Unlimited

I have always been a fan of Yahoo's Launchcast station (thanks to Briana) which creates a customized personal radio station based on your preferences, (you can rate songs, artists, and albums.) It would compile this data and the preferences of other listerns and predict new music for you. A few times a month I'm surprisingly pleased with its prediction of old favorites of mine.

The only problem was that you couldn't *choose* the song you wanted to listen to, it had to be random.

Well, that's all changed, the other day my friend Chris K. pointed me to their new subscription service, at $4.99 a month for yearly service. While their collection may not include all the offbeat music I like to listen to 'on demand.' It is a pretty vast collection. And the fact that it help me find music based on my behaviors is awesome.

I highly recommend you at least try the 7-day trial, I think you might get addicted.

Y! Music Unlimited


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