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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Josh's Wedding


So another man went down this weekend, this time it was our favorite anonymous poster, Josh J.

The wedding was actually a lot of fun, more so then I tend to think you could have at weddings. It certainly had to do with the 48 hours of partying wrapping around the wedding. Hey, you can't be a groomsman without having a few shots, right?

On the ride over:

The groom crew:

Let's see what I can remember. I met josh and friends at the LB at 3:30am in the morning. We met a chinese person who was locked out of his hostile and josh wasn't willing to offer a place to crash. The next morning we drove out to the King of Prussia (what kind of town name is that?) And we rented our Tuxes. I wanted shoes with white racing stripes, but Josh wasn't going for it.

We swung by the liquor store and picked up among other things, a handle of MD 20/20. Hey, it's not a wedding unless bum wine is involved.

The wedding was at Hersey, PA. The stream of Hersey Canal jokes never ended (not even in this post.) The rehearsal dinner involved Josh doing more shots then there were people in the room. However, he woke up in tip-top shape on Saturday morning. I even spoke to his concerned mom to put her worries to rest.

The wedding kicked off mid-day, so we used the morning to take a dip in the pool and down some bourbon, in that order. It was the 2nd time I was a groomsmen, I was the bestman at my bro's wedding. It's kinda cool being the groomsman, however, everybody *knows* (recognizes) you and comes up and says hi and you have no idea who they are. They are just old and look slightly like Josh or his new wife.

I was feeling pretty tired around 5pm on Saturday, but a few L.I.T.'s (long island ice teas) woke me right up and I was ready for a second night of partying, even dancing. A bunch of us continued to party back in our hotel rooms after the reception. Even Josh and his girl, god knows why (prolonging the honeymoon night), but as I said then, it's both a good thing and a bad thing.

The next morning, Sunday, we opted out of Hersey Park and drove home to nyc where I sat down on my bed and crashed from 7pm until 7am.

All in all, the wedding was done right, way to go Josh.


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