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Sunday, May 22, 2005

A rant

BitTorrent Facilitating Illegal File Swapping of Star Wars On Day of Opening

That's the name of a press release that the MPAA (Movie Picture Association of America) release on May 19th. Quote from the PR:
Washington, D.C. - - Responding to news reports today that BitTorrent is already facilitating the illegal file sharing of the final Star Wars episode, Revenge of the Sith which opens in theaters today, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) President and CEO Dan Glickman made the following statement:

“There is no better example of how theft dims the magic of the movies for everyone than this report today regarding BitTorrent providing users with illegal copies of Revenge of the Sith. The unfortunate fact is this type of theft happens on a regular basis on peer to peer networks all over the world.

That just gets me outraged for a number of reasons. First, some of you may not be familiar with BitTorrent, but it is a network technology for moving VERY LARGE files around the internet. I use it all the time when I download Linux distributions which are 600+MB. I can download them in less then an hour and I don't have to kill somebody's server because it distributes the load across the network. It is a perfectly legitimate service and I don't believe I've ever downloaded any illegal content on it.

Furthermore, IBM uses similar technologies internally to download software to our machines. The technology is needed in order to save costs on hardware and bandwidth.

To me, it's like saying email allows for software piracy and therefore should be illegal. Where are all the damn gun zealots??? I don't have a position either way on gun control. I'm just saying it would seem like the NRA would be all over this, it's the same principal.

More info here.


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