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Friday, June 24, 2005

Another disconnected blog

Disconnected blogging, but whatever do you mean?

I'm sitting in nyc's one and only ALL DRAUGHT GUINSESS Bar. And in case you are wondering, yes there is U2 on the radio right now.

Guiness seems to taste better when its your only choice. Not that I don't love the stuff, although they say it tastes better in the Ireland (and the rest of the UK) because their laws don't require them to pasturize Guinesss (flash heating to kill bacteria.) I certainly think alchol should kill mad cows, don't you?

If you think I picked this bar because of it's Guiness fame, you're wrong. I've been walking around aimously for the past hour looking for a half empty bar on a Thursday night so that I could do some work in a bar instead of my apartment. That's a hard find. I even tried tried Pine Tree Lodge, but that place was packed. It became 'cool' like a year ago.

A funny thing has happened to me. I used to use the internet in read-only mode, then I started blogging, and I used the internet in read-write mode. But recently, I haven't had time to do much reading on the web, yet I continue to blog, now I'm in write only mode, I need to swing the pendalum back.


  • At 6/24/2005 9:38 AM, Blogger Brent said…

    I also enjoy doing work in bars. It's a simple way to feel superior. You can glace around at people and think to yourself, "Yeah, you're not reading Lukacs, at least not right now, but I am and man hooray for me." Whereas if you're reading in the library there's always the possibility somebody might be reading something with more cache than what you happen to be reading, the academic equivalent of having sand kicked in your face.


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