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Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm podcasting... to YOU!

Wondering what those Talkr icons are to the right?

If you love to listen to podcasts and need more, or if you're looking to start podcasting without ever recording your voice, check out Talkr. If you subscribe to podcasts, copy and paste the link from +Talkr icon into your podcast app or the new iTunes.

First, it allows you to convert your text blog into an audio podcast using a lovely female computer voice. Don't knock it until you hear it. It's amazing how well the inflections can come across.

Second, it allows you to subscribe to *any* RSS feed as a podcast. It converts text feeds into audio and lets you listen on the run. Think about all the additional content you can absorb on your drive/walk/hike/scooter-ride to work!

Another 231erwinroad podcast.

Register on Talkr and subscribe to my feed.

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