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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just cause I'm on the internet, you can't read me

Many of you probably have not heard of the internet archive created by Brewster Kahle. Kahle made a lot of money back in the dot-com and decided to make a library of all librarys and store the entire content of the web in an archive. The library tries to take a snapshot of the web each day and record changes, edits, and deletes.

This in itself is amazing, especially for historians in the future looking back to our time.

However, some dumbass group has decided to sue the Internet Archive on the basis that they have violated copyright and DRM (Digital Rights Management).

This is a LIBRARY built off of VOLUNTEER money and time. Are you kidding me? The sole purpose is for the betterment of society, like any library. The Internet Archive is not funded by a state, and I'm very glad of that fact (we wouldn't want them filtering data now would we? Or changing history?)


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