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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Habitat JAM

Be a catalyst for change in Habitat JAM. The works needs your ideas. Let's make our cities more livable for all. Join in the discussion on six areas affecting developing nations:
  1. Improving the lives of Slum Dwellers
  2. Sustainable Access to Water
  3. Environmental Sustainbility
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Finance and Governance
  6. Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

This is a joint effort of the UN-Habitat initiative, the government of Canada and IBM, focusing on issues of urban sustainability. We run a similar program like this at IBM and it's amazing what it can accomplish. A 3 day live jam around the world generating discussion about change. It's very powerful, and taken seriously. After the discussion, people can go back, and start aggregating all the ideas around themes that need to be addressed.


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