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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I am in love with my phone

It's a little sad, but tonight I fell in love with my phone, a Treo 650.

I downloaded a new program, Pocket Tunes Deluxe. Among all of the amazing mp3 playback features it has to offer, the most outstanding for me is the ability to listen to streaming internet radio stations. That just blows my mind. As I type this, I'm listening to Virgin UK streaming Shoutcast radio. Why don't I just listen though my laptop you ask? BECAUSE I CAN LISTEN THROUGH MY PHONE.

Why does this make me so happy?
  • I now have a virtually 'unlimited' library of music I can listen to on the go
  • It's nifty
  • Imagine a day when this feature is integrated into your car radio. Forget satellite, I want my InternetRadio
I have to figure out a way to set up a proxy server at home that will allow me to do a few things:
  • Listen to my paid internet subscription, Yahoo's Launchcast Radio.
    • I like Launchcast because I can skip to the next song and rate my music. It makes recommendations for me based on my ratings and the ratings of the community. I find this an excellent way to learn about new music.
      • The only problem with this is that I will not be able to 'skip' or 'rate' songs. I wonder if I can build some sort of webpage that I could access though my phone that would allow this. Any ideas?
  • Have access to my entire mp3 collection while on the go (which is larger then the 1GB SD card I have in my treo.)


  • At 5/12/2005 5:37 AM, Blogger Roonie said…

    It's never good to be in love with an inanimate object.

  • At 5/12/2005 9:00 AM, Blogger todd said…

    Loving inanimate objects is the only way for geeks. I love my ipod, it change my life back in October, when I got it. But streaming internet radio thru your phone is pretty damn cool. I really want UWB to hit the streets so internet access is everywhere: car internet radio, VOIP phones, real social networking and augmented reality chat. I guess the whole cyborg-nation would get a little out of control. I did go to school with Thad Starner and I see ubiquitous internet technologies to be the next big wave.

  • At 5/12/2005 9:45 AM, Blogger Tree Trunk Ho Slappa said…

    hummm.. I always suspected there was another love in your life. Now the truth comes out, I'm devastated.

  • At 5/14/2005 2:34 PM, Blogger Roonie said…


    Please define:

    -Real social networking (I feel like I have this under control without technology)
    -Augmented reality chat
    -Thad Starner

    Then I'll be able to make sense of your comment. Thank you.

  • At 5/14/2005 5:06 PM, Blogger Vincent said…

    UWB = Ultra WideBand (High speed wireless internet access to cover a whole city.)

    Real Social Networking = Social networks to the next level. Friendster is living in the past. Our phones should communicate where we are in real time to other people's phones. Check out dodgeball.com, this is a first step on a long journey.

    Augmented Reality Chat = Todd has some crazy ideas that will probably come out one day. I think this is reffering to his desire to have a device that allows you to tune things in/out. For instance, if you are at a loud bar, you would be able to clearly hear your friend and nothing else.

    Thad Starner = Wearable computer geek (I had to look this up on Google.) Check out his homepage.

  • At 6/01/2005 11:31 PM, Anonymous Thad Starner said…

    Actually, I prefer "wearable
    computer nerd"


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