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Friday, August 26, 2005

My damn Treo phone is doing one of those infinite reloops again where it just keeps rebooting itself and I can use it as a phone, bummer.

Searching Google for some help, I came across this article and I can not belive the insanly complicated instructions they give:

While continuing to hold Power, UP and HotSync, press and release the RESET button on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?). This is very difficult to do with only one person; you may wish to hold the stylus in your mouth and use your hands to press Power, UP and HotSync.

Put the stylus in your mouth??? HAHAHAHA, why can't they show a pic of this?


  • At 8/27/2005 9:51 PM, Blogger Roonie said…

    Um, Vinnie, did you forget to close your HTML tags or did you get link-happy?

  • At 8/28/2005 11:30 PM, Blogger Vincent said…

    Thanks 'roonie' you were right, a tag wasn't closed, I just didn't notice cause Firefox cleaned it up for me.

    What kinda crap browser are you running, mac head.

  • At 9/06/2005 4:03 AM, Blogger Roonie said…

    "Roonie" was probably viewing your page from the crap browser IE, since she usually just uses her parental's computer (which is a crap PC) when she's home.


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