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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I love the February Teens (Week in Review)

No, not teenage girls!

Well my productivity at work this week has been less then exceptional. While I have been able to clean up my Inbox, I'm still confused on what type of "product" we are actually making. It seems the tech mentor and me have different ideas on what this "product" will do and compete against. I'll have to feel out the waters a little more this week, hopefully I'll be in a better situation next weekend.

Thursday was awful productive though. It was the Software Group's (SWG) 2005 Kickoff and they had booths set up for half the day. I cleaned up with all of the prizes. I won a mouse pad, a train whistle, and best of all, an RC car. To win this rad car I had to have the fastest time around a homemade race track down in the cafeteria dining room. The track was pretty complicated, it had bridges, tunnels, and hairpin turns. The track walls were made of used keyboards and old printers, looked like something that would have been on the floor of an MIT dormroom. Totally appropriate for IBM. On my first run I scored third pace. My second run later that day bumped me up to second place. I had to play around 10-15 times to get into first place with 17 sec, blowing the competition away by 2 seconds, it was awesome. We took a checkered flag along with the car and it's hanging in my cube. I just put a bid on a wireless cam on ebay to mount it on the hood.

Brent's brother Ryan told me about his Vegetable Fuel System this week.

Eric and Jenessa made it down this weekend. Saturday night we went to Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill down at Southpoint, I had an awesome pepper steak. We headed back to Philip's house for some texas hold'em and video games. Spent a late night not getting drunk.

Saturday I headed back to Southpoint with Rane and got a new pair of kicks, a kick ass shirt (Nap. Dyn.), and a candle to make my bedroom all nice and sh'it.

We headed down to the Carolina Brewery on Saturday night. After chowing down on burgers, we were all a little too full to enjoy a night out on the town. We headed to Top O' The Hill where it finally clicked that although the bar is really cool, it's not worth the wait, it takes forever to close out a tab there.

I've managed to completely waste another Sunday down here. The day starts off with me getting up early thinking I will accomplish a lot. I then do things like surf the web, read articles, finding a new phone (Sprint), and blog. Before I know it, it's 9:30; it's late, not early. Time to get an OS CoP newsletter made up, peace.


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