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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now how do we scare the old people away?

From /.

"A device called the Mosquito was invented by Howard Stapleton designed to drive teens away by emitting a high frequency noise at 75db. Apparently most older people can not hear the sounds, but teens can not stand it. Reports are that it works quite well, but some older people can hear it too. He found the prefect irritating sound by experimenting on his children."

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Habitat JAM

Be a catalyst for change in Habitat JAM. The works needs your ideas. Let's make our cities more livable for all. Join in the discussion on six areas affecting developing nations:
  1. Improving the lives of Slum Dwellers
  2. Sustainable Access to Water
  3. Environmental Sustainbility
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Finance and Governance
  6. Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

This is a joint effort of the UN-Habitat initiative, the government of Canada and IBM, focusing on issues of urban sustainability. We run a similar program like this at IBM and it's amazing what it can accomplish. A 3 day live jam around the world generating discussion about change. It's very powerful, and taken seriously. After the discussion, people can go back, and start aggregating all the ideas around themes that need to be addressed.

To the fish with no name

My fish is missing!

My kool-aid-turned-fishbowl container is missing a fish. It's now a static pool of water with some rocks and no fish. It seems after our Thanksgiving party last weekend, somebody snatched my fish.


Where did they put it? Did they flush it down the toilet? Did the put it in somebody's beer? Is it for sale in chinatown?

My eulogy to the fish without a name
You were a nice fish. I'm sorry I didn't give you a name. So many before you passed away, so I decided not to name you, but you, you lasted the longest. I think it was because you were the smallest. You were so resliliant. You started off in a big Sponge Bob tank with Mr. Crabs and a pineapple home. Then you survived a road trip on my move down to North Carolina, in the freezing cold. I put you in a ziplock bag. I would open it every so often to let in fresh air, but kept it closed most of the time to avoid you flying out when I hit bumps.

When we got down to NC, I realized that a ziplock bag just wouldn't do for you, you needed something GRANDER! So I drove to the nearest Kmart and purchased a kool-aid container and some purple and black rocks, it had you're name all over it. My apologies for not getting you a filter at first in the new tank, but after your water got cloudy, I ran right out and purchased you a nice new filter.

Then I departed for my road-trip around the south and Patrick and Rane attended to your daily feeds. On my return, I placed you back into a new ziplock bag for the treck back up to nyc. Again, you didn't die, you were a tough fish, not like the others.

Then you went on to last a WHOLE summer, sometimes you held off for days without me feeding you during all of my vacations, you stuck it out, you were here to stay, till the end.

Then fall came and halloween passed. It was the big day, Thanksgiving. All where here to give thanks, eat delicious food, and be merry.

But no, somebody had to swipe you, you, the fish, without a name.

(Dec 2004? - November 12, 2005)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

We want you

I received a funny email today. I have my resume up on monster.com for a variety of reasons. I work for IBM as a BCS consultant. Today, I got another job offer from IBM:

Happy New Year - Get a head start on a new job with IBM for 2006 or help a friend get one.

IBM Business Consulting Service division has an immediate need for a Siebel Analytics person .

If you are qualified and interested, please send me your current resume, if not interested , please forward to a friend..

The job offer is for a very similar job role as my current position. I guess they forgot to check the employer of my current role which matches so closely with their opening ;)

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Andrea Gail

Maybe that title is a little too strong for this post but I went fishing with my bro and niece last weekend. It was cold, but the waves weren't so bad, we made it back to shore.

Our captain was my niece:
PA300025 (2)

We geared her up with a 3 point harness that my brother put together. We actually had to snag some parts from the child harness of a shopping cart of a local Stop and Shop.

Here she is reeling in her very first blackfish, all by herself, no help from us.
PA290021 (2)

This is her catch. (Note, you can see a crab at the top of the photo. This is the bait that survived. Two crabs were placed on the line, the other is in the blackfish's belly.)

Some other obligatory pics:

PA300029 (2)

PA300027 (2)

Now laugh.