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Friday, February 25, 2005

Foozball pwns my life

Spent at least an hour playing intense foozball on Friday night. 2-on-2 action, my type of style. We actually hit the ball off the table twice, I've never scene that before. IBM treats us well, we have a Tornado table, it rocks. I remember playing foozball with Brent and Doug up in Tanglewood 2 summers ago. The table had wooden players. I hit the ball so hard with one from defense and I actually broke his legs off. It ruled, we just walked out of the bar after that.

So this week started with a productive start on Monday, reading market intelligence. By mid-week I met with somebody working on disruptive technologies, he's putting a team together about social networking - this might turn out to be something. That got me excited, and it was such a nice day out, so I picked up some of the interns and we headed out to Pao Lim. After work we had an exiting "Rational User Group" to head to. The free pizza almost made it worth it.

Friday we had some IBM patent dudes head in and talk to us about the IBM patent process and the benefit of software patents. I didn't quite agree with that and we had a little discussion going back and forth. I'm a little torn on the issue though. I am thoroughly against them, but if I was to patent some process though IBM it would be pretty beneficial to me. One, they financial compensate us, two it gives you 'cred.' It's a really powerful thing to have on your IBM profile. I still have to think about it some more. I could always give the money to the EFF. The whole process has to change. Me abstaining from submitting patents doesn't help anybody. I have to be proactive about actually changing the perception of people and changing the process.


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